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Prices for commissions are as follows

8" x 7" (21 x 18 cm) Head £125

12" x 10" (26 x 31 cm) Head £160
12" x 10"(26 x 31 cm) Full Body £190

16" x 12" (41 x 31 cm) Head or Full Body £250

24" x 18" (61 x 46 cm) Head or Full Body £375.

Please note that sizes are approximate and will depend on the composition of the photograph.

Prices are for work that is mounted and unframed.

It usually takes around four to six weeks to complete a portrait (plus time to get the mount put on). However, if it is needed in a hurry, please get in touch to see if it is possible.

Please contact Claire Myers Art for an order form.

Guidelines for taking photos

It is best just to spend a bit of time around your animal with the camera. If it is a horse, following it around the field at a distance can get some very good results. Even if you want a head shot, take some photos of the whole body, as these can be cropped in at a later date. For small animals, try to get on the same level as them so the angle is not affected by looking down on them. Similarly, try not to look up at horses.

Try to get the animal in good light - not to bright or too dark. If the flash comes on, turn it off so the eyes can still be seen. The flash also gives a colour which is not true of the animal. The background of the photo does not matter as long as the animal itself is clear.

Make sure that the photo you send in is clear, not too small and accurate in colour in order to achieve the best results.

Photos must not be copyright, unless written permission from the photographer has been obtained. This must be enclosed with the order.

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